Dom Pattinson is an unusual urban artist as he has formal training from Winchester School of Art and did his MA at the Glasgow School of Art. After graduating Dom spent some time living in Russia and Northern Ireland where he saw the murals and graffiti as powerful forms of dissent and protest. Urban and street art became his genre for communicating his own form of gentle parody and satire.

His work is full of subversive humour, at times giving a nod to Warhol with his use of repetition, replacing icons with wild animals such as zebra and bears. He riffs on Hirst, mocking his motifs of skulls and butterflies with added comedy glasses. Text also comes into play, raw and witty straight from the can. His work is fun and provocative, at times a bit naughty and always clever. Dom alternates between strict stenciling and loose over painting giving the work an immediacy and fluidity.


Will’s fine figurative paintings are snapshots, a moment in time, the subject matter reflects this desire to capture a dramatic scene with quiet intensity. Be it a gaggle of 1950’s paparazzi clicking away at the Hollywood star of the day or high rollers at the roulette table.

In other pieces, Will creates a quieter more reflective mood, the lone card player, man reading a book or a 50’s rocker preening his hair, about to go out dancing. For Will the composition is key and there is a strong cinematic quality to the work and indeed movies form an integral part of his oeuvre.  Will employs a shifting viewpoint, at times looking down from above on the starlet caught in a throng of photographers or kids asleep with the board game laid out on the floor.

Will Rochfort Artworks


André Lundquist creates exquisite work, delicate and carefully constructed figures that exude a soft sensuality, a graceful charm and an almost sublime tranquility.

Born in 1972 in Copenhagen, Lundquist trained in graphic studies and painting, which explains in part his superlative technique and tension between the painted characters and the canvas surface.

Lundquist plays with different media and mixes oil, ink, charcoal, crayon and wallpaper, often creating fine overlays lending texture to the work.  The palette is at times muted with subtle pastels and at others full of vivid, bright colours.

André Lundquist Artworks


Mark Demsteader was educated at Olham College in Manchester, followed by a postgraduate degree at the Slade School of Art.

In London, he found that there was a resistance to figurative work as Brit Art and conceptual pieces were in ascendency at the time, but a gallery in Blackheath saw his innate talent put him in a group show where he sold six pieces and promptly gave up his job as an art technician.

This comes as no surprise when one looks at his fine drawings and ink studies, exhibiting an exceptional line and when combined with bold loose brushstroke of thick impasto paint of pure colour on board, the effect is startlingly powerful. His pale and delicate figures are defused, almost in soft focus, set in dramatic contrast to the dark background, producing stunning work that is both elegant and expressive.


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