For Vinita, being an artist is a multi-disciplined affair. In her latest series ‘Storytelling’ she uses popular posters, photographs, prints, paints and intriguing items juxtaposed in such a way that their familiar contexts are broken down and powerful new emotional associations come into being.
Each piece takes around two to three months to complete and are created using a loose blend of overlapping elements. The elements say one thing ‘Individuality’ yet placed together; the message is more complicated and less certain. Personal associations spontaneously arise within the viewer in an attempt to understand the whole and complete the story. Vinita’s aim is to make the viewer interpret and to become more involved in the imageries.

Vinita Dasgupta Artworks


Gorjala works with a delicate and intricate technique, portraying his spiritual view of subjects from Indian mythology through both his imagery and his process. His use of a palette dominated by gold, red and green, creates a rich and natural feel in each of his paintings, the moods that he is able to create add an antiquated yet contemporary dynamic to his work. His subjects include Hanuman, Vishnu and Buddha, they are painted with great sensitivity and attention to detail. Gorjala does not necessarily restrict himself to a single, large protagonist in his pieces. Instead, he integrates subjects, mixing not only one figure, but multiple images unified into a broader character. This is sometimes brought together by fragments of text, usually in the background of his surfaces adding a new dimension to them. Another repeated element in the background of his works is the checkerboard pattern of black and shades of white and grey, adding a novel and modern twist to pieces that have a largely traditional and spiritual feel.

Ramesh Gorjala Artworks


In his work Shovin has razed the strict order of concrete blocks of high rises, to an absorbing mystery – perhaps even sci-fi. His vast structures appear tumbling, as though in a quake, and yet they hold on. He would not let them topple. Many suburban built up spaces can be infinitely dull for those who spend their lives over there. With nature gone, animals and birds are forlorn. Thus what the artist does to this modern day ambience – a completely man-made one – is refreshing.

The solidity of a reality is now shown as being merrily played with, by factors beyond computation. In this way he produces suspense, the feel of absurdity, and even a bit of surreal terror. Bhattacharjee’s phenomenal installation created from stainless steel, fibreglass and direct painting onto a wall, entitled ‘Inner Quest’, has been chosen by the prestigious Prafulla Dhanukar Art Foundation for the ‘All India Gold Award for Installation Art’.

Shovin Bhattacharjee Artworks


Artist Narendar Reddy from India treats art, not just as a creative work, but as science. There is a philosophy that guides this artist from Hyderabad, to pour life onto the canvas which is the only world that exists for him when he is working.

Trained in art at the famed Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University (JNTU) in Hyderabad, Narendar Reddy went on to research art in Aichi, Japan. later he had exhibitions in the US, UK, France and Germany. Exposed to the works of the great masters during his trips abroad, Narendar Reddy developed a style of his own.“A painting is complete only when my heart says it is. When there is complete peace within me, I know I have done what the painting expected me to do to it,” Narendar Reddy says.

Narendar Reddy Artworks


Ramesh Nambiar is a varied painter, his style and palette ranges from the rich and warm, full of confident brushstrokes and vital energy to a more classical even European landscape painting with muted tones and a soft atmosphere.

Ramesh would be termed as a people’s painter, he adopts and changes, reflecting his unflinching eye for beauty and determination to reflect the essential spirit of a particular place.

As a result Ramesh’s work can be found in numerous private collections around the world.

Ramesh Nambiar Artworks


Anu Nadimpalli is an independent photgraphic artist and travel writer currently residing in Barcelona, Spain. She has a background of interior design and architecture.Walking the streets of the world with a hunger for travel and a thirst for photography. Anu stops, looks and sees the world through an Architectural lens. She sees forms and shapes, both built and natural, inside whatever medium that presents itself.

Anu Nadimpalli has a very special eye for texture, color, lines and detail, especially architectural detail. Where others see a wide land or city scape, Anu zeroes in on diverse or related pictorial elements, explores their relationships, harmonies and counterpoints, and assembles them into self-contained images that surprise us in their originality. Many of her images live in the borderland between “pure” photography and “pure” pictorial art and owe their uniqueness to the graphical sense she brings to her work.

Anu Nadimpalli Artworks


Sohan Jakhar (born 1978 in Sikar, Rajasthan) was educated at the Rajasthan School of Art, Jaipur. By 2006 he had secured a Batchelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Fine Arts degree in painting, as well as a diploma for advanced computer art. Part of the images that Jakhar creates are taken from photographs which he digitally modifies and then transfers to the canvas. He uses layers of vibrant colours with strong individual personas which express a subtle theatre of visual form. Decorative motifs which appear to float in the background come from painted frescoes found on the Havelis (Mansions) of Shekhavati, in his native home town.



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