John Hoyland (1934–2011) was one of Britain’s leading abstract painters and printmakers. He emerged at the forefront of the abstract movement in Britain in the early 1960s and remained an energetic and innovative force within the eld, until his death in 2011.
His early paintings date from the 1950s and were mostly portraits and landscapes of his native Sheffield. His art was decisively in influenced in the late 1950s and 1960s by his experience of American Abstract Expressionism and his work shifted to be almost entirely abstract.


Internationally acclaimed sculptor Jeff Lowe came to prominence in 1974 with his first one man show at the prestigious Leicester Galleries in London’s Cork Street.He represented Britain at the Paris Biennale. Lowe won the Sainsbury award in 1975 and the Pollock-Krasner award in 1993 and over the past forty years has made sculpture on a daily basis and played a major role in advancing abstract sculpture.

Born in 1952 and educated at Central St. Martins, Lowe lives and works in both London and the Algarve in Portugal. Lowe was taught by amongst others, Sir Anthony Caro, Philip King and William Tucker. His work has been exhibited throughout the UK, Venice, Bockhoven, Amsterdam, New York, Berlin, Toronto, France and The National Gallery, Australia.


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