Alisa Lim A Po

In her new work, Elements, Alisa Lim A Po relives cherishedfeelings and intimate moments of happiness. With this seriesof artworks, the artist translates thesentiments to time and place. She uses an organic visual language with associations of flourishing and decay,the transience of beauty, and her appreciation for nature arise naturally.

The artworks within the series Elements are defined by organic shapes. For Alisa, this absolution of form is both a starting point as well as the final destination. In predetermined frameworks a spatial layering originates, inwhich the relationship between color and form is decisive andof great significance. Contrast and texture work together tocreate layering and depth, to become one.

Voka Artcatto Gallery in Algarve


He coined the term “Spontanrealismus” (Spontaneous Realism) for his art, which he interprets as rediscovered sincerity in contemporary art. Viewers of his paintings see a painting style, which is dominated by extreme dynamism, but at the same time by a demonstrative proximity to tradition. His works are simultaneously spontaneous and intentional, and equally erupted from the inside and controlled.

VOKA is an artist who holds on to the eternal values of art and implements them according to his view of the world. His paintings spring from his emotions.

Artcatto - Art Gallery Algarve - Pedro Guimarães

Pedro Guimarães

This highly anticipated exhibition presented by Artcatto at the Conrad Algarve, will see a range of pieces including fine examples of Guimarães’ ‘three-in-one’ optical portraits. The multiple angles viewpoint allows the artist to create a clever narrative within the work. Take ‘Together’ (Acrylic on MDF and canvas), we are presented with a rich and vivid graphic image of a pretty girl, looking out with a somewhat quizzical yet confident expression.

As one moves round the work to the right, the viewer sees the portrait of a handsome young man, finally moving to the left, an image appears of interlocking hands. We are left to interpret the exact nature of their relationship, which is clearly based on a loving union and tenderness.


Voka & Georg Scheele’s Exhibition

13th June from 7.00pm to 9.00pm

For enquires about the exhibition please contact: | +351 289 419 447

Sculptural Garden

30th May from 7.00pm to 9.00pm

Conrad Algarve is delighted to showcase the “Sculptural Garden” exhibition, curated by the prestigious ArtCatto gallery. We hope that your journey through our gardens will inspire and amaze you.

We are exhibiting a diverse group of sculptures from the following artists:
Sam Shendi | Eleanor Stride | Paulo Neves | Jonty Hurwitz | Anneke Bester | Mondo

For enquires about the exhibition please contact: | +351 289 419 447


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