Born in Southsea in 1960 Aldo Balding studied for a Diploma in Illustration at Southampton College. Beginning his career as a freelance illustrator his work appeared in and on the front covers of numerous magazines including the Sunday Times Culture Magazine, TV Times and Punch.

Aldo is a recognized and successful figurative and portrait artist and is proud to admit he’s in the storytelling business, even if he lets us fill in the gaps. “I always try to put an element of mystery in my work,” he says. “You can suggest so much in a gesture, in the way someone stands. I like narrative in painting, because it casts the viewer into a voyeuristic role.” The pull of suggested narrative explains why so many of the figures in Aldo’s work have their backs to us. “When a person is face-on, it’s a portrait, and the mystique is gone,” explains Aldo. Many of these backs belong, of course, to the be-suited men that appear throughout the artist’s work. The prevalence of so many jackets and ties has promoted some to describe Aldo’s work as nostalgic. This is something he’s keen to move away from. “I prefer to think of the scenes I depict as timeless. They are little dramas that could be from any era.”

Aldo works are part of major collections including Gordon Brown the former UK Prime Minister and Lady Laura paul. Also now lives in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France.

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