André Lundquist creates exquisite work, delicate and carefully constructed figures that exude a soft sensuality, a graceful charm and an almost sublime tranquility.

Born in 1972 in Copenhagen, Lundquist trained in graphic studies and painting, which explains in part his superlative technique and tension between the painted characters and the canvas surface.

Lundquist plays with different media and mixes oil, ink, charcoal, crayon and wallpaper, often creating fine overlays lending texture to the work.  The palette is at times muted with subtle pastels and at others full of vivid, bright colours.

In 1999 he was the recipient of a scholarship from the Beckett and enjoyed a residency in Southern Spain, the rich colours and strong light of the region had an impact on the artist, yet he would still retain a Scandinavian coolness that infuses his work.

Lundquist cites Gauguin, Schiele, Modiligani and Munch as influences and we see that in the intimacy of subject matter and serene emotional content. There is unspoken narrative at work, these women retain an internal story, as a viewer we are quietly invited into their personal world, Lundquist gives us a rare glimpse of stolen moments of reflection and repose.

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