Anu Nadimpalli is an independent photgraphic artist and travel writer currently residing in Barcelona, Spain. She has a background of interior design and architecture.Walking the streets of the world with a hunger for travel and a thirst for photography. Anu stops, looks and sees the world through an Architectural lens. She sees forms and shapes, both built and natural, inside whatever medium that presents itself.

Anu Nadimpalli has a very special eye for texture, color, lines and detail, especially architectural detail. Where others see a wide land or city scape, Anu zeroes in on diverse or related pictorial elements, explores their relationships, harmonies and counterpoints, and assembles them into self-contained images that surprise us in their originality. Many of her images live in the borderland between “pure” photography and “pure” pictorial art and owe their uniqueness to the graphical sense she brings to her work.

Anu has exhibited her work in India, Spain and Portugal and is active in the Photographic Society of America, where she has won awards in annual competitions.

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