He Baijun, or Zhilu, has many titles of senior artist and craftsman, he is head of the Si San Cao Tang, Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Institute, founder of ‘Books in Colour’ artist, sculptor, member of Guangdong Calligraphers Association, and one of the torchbearers of the16th Asian Games in Guangzhou. He is also active in areas of trade, commerce and youth programmes.

He Baijun was born in Meixian, Guangdong province, where he began to learn the traditional Chinese culture of painting, calligraphy, and Chinese poetry, under rigorous family rules. Tutored by Mr. Xie Zhifeng, he was steeled to be a righteous man. In 1998, he established the Si San Cao Tang Institute in Shenzhen, which focuses on researching, designing and developing the arts, sculpture, and artistic innovation.

Baijun was awarded the gold medal in Chinese Art and Cultural Innovation at the Shenzhen International Cultural Fair and is 5 times winner of the Gold Medal for Chinese Arts and Cultural innovation at the Shanghai National Art Fair.

Praise and appreciation of his work has come from political leaders in China and Russia and in October, 2013, He Baijun and his brother He Fa Kun were praised by UNESCO for thier sculpture entitled ‘Home’ created for Chinese immigrants in the Memorial Square.

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