James March was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1953. He began painting at age 10 and has not looked back. After attending art school he lived in NYC for 10 years in the 1980’s and then moved back to Cleveland where he now lives. James is very eclectic and is fluent in several different styles. They are mostly abstract but he moves from a very flat Op Art style to semi-figurative paintings, to works with deep spatial depth. He works in both oils and acrylics. They can mostly be termed Geometric Abstraction. James has had 34 one man exhibitions throughout the US, as well as many group shows and is represented in many private and corporate collections.

“My paintings are about space, form and energy. I generally start painting without preconceived notions as to the final outcome and build space through a series of constructions and destructions. The paintings begin with a loose set of limitations and directives. I often work with an abstract idea in mind, several scientific concepts come to mind, to give me focus. I then paint freely, gradually narrowing my focus and zeroing in on a composition that depicts a solid structure, intriguing space and a spontaneity of design. I am interested in complex spatial relationships that lead to a feeling of a comprehensive whole which has energy and a life of it’s own. I am also interested in linear movement and visual paradoxes. I do a great deal of my composing on the canvas and never know what I will end up with until I am done. For me painting is an act of discovery.”

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