João Costa was born in Sagres on October 20th, 1973. Since then, I have been living in Sagres, a place he cherishes and feel passionate about.

Since very early he was interested in photography, but it was only in 2001 that João started devoting more and more of my time to this art form, namely through an intense and constant reading of books and photography magazines, this honed my skills to detect potentially good photographic opportunities.

A sea-lover, as well as all other natural phenomena, João Costa found in Sagres and surrounding area, a treasure trove of countless photographic possibilities.
His inspiration in the sunlight, the way it can modify a landscape, no matter how static it may seem, for the variation in light in the course of the day makes it constantly change.
It is this change that he intends to capture along the Vicentine Coast, from the Cape of St Vincent to Odeceixe, an area that abounds in places of astounding natural beauty, a beauty only glimpsed by a few fishermen and shellfish gatherers.

Despite and dangers encountered by whoever ventures along many of the access paths and descents, it is precisely these places and their inherent beauty that João Costa aims to capture on film, in order to show people how beautiful and unique our Homeland is.

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