Juan del Pozo is born in 1969. As son and student of José Rodríguez (Spanish painter who has produced a great number of scene paintings inspired in the Spanish landscape) he continued the family tradition.

Juan del Pozo showed his artistic talent since he was very young and received his art education in Madrid. He started his professional career as a painter and exhibits his paintings since 1989 until now. He has also won awards in different painting contests.

Juan del Pozo is a versatile artist and has done important paintings like portraits and landscapes. At this moment, architecture of Madrid and other important cities is the main theme of his works. You can find his works in private collections in Spain, France, Portugal, Sweden, Great Britain and Brasil.

He is not only an oil painter but also engraver and watercolour painter. He also has worked for some companies to make murals in different locations. He was Art director of “Idealiza” a unique architecture company.

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