I was born in Ontinyent, (Valencia), in 1966. My career in the world of painting begins in 1996. Since then I’ve been trying to make paintings that speak of me, my environment and my experiences.

In the 80s, I enter very much into new cultural movements. I’m Richard Corben (comics), El Hortelano and Ceesepe, I hear the “Ramones”, “The Clash”, to the “Velvet”, etc, to groups “indies” Spanish as “Takedowns, paralysis, the Mode” etc, I read fanzines, visit museums and art galleries and I want less commercial films. Self-taught, takes much to devote myself 100% to the trade of painter. I thought that it would cost me much live of this and for this job and certainly did.

In 1999, I performed my first exhibition in Madrid and have sold all the pictures (a great joy, because it was tuff). After I have been exhibiting at collective galleries Lisbon, Madrid, Valencia.

In Valencia, the discover of the works by Joan Castejón and Ribera de Berenguer, it is what makes me going into the world of figurative painting. From that moment, looking for art galleries where special treatment is given to this type of paint.

My themes are: “peeping toms”, “drops”, “still life”, “vibrated”, “fair”. I usually paint in oil but the brushes and pencils are always present. I occasionally get rowdy and more urban vein and present a contained rage through the collage and more rogue paintings.

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