Mark Demsteader was educated at Olham College in Manchester, followed by a postgraduate degree at the Slade School of Art.

In London, he found that there was a resistance to figurative work as Brit Art and conceptual pieces were in ascendency at the time, but a gallery in Blackheath saw his innate talent put him in a group show where he sold six pieces and promptly gave up his job as an art technician.

Tastes have changed, thankfully and Mark according to the Daily Telegraph is now ‘one of Britain’s best-selling figurative artist’.

This comes as no surprise when one looks at his fine drawings and ink studies, exhibiting an exceptional line and when combined with bold loose brushstroke of thick impasto paint of pure colour on board, the effect is startlingly powerful. His pale and delicate figures are defused, almost in soft focus, set in dramatic contrast to the dark background, producing stunning work that is both elegant and expressive.

No wonder celebrities have sought out his work, he has collaborated extensively with Emma Watson resulting in a series of 34 portraits of her, entitled ‘Emma’, which has been featured in Vogue magazine. Demsteader said, “In some way I hope these works celebrate Emma what she has achieved already, and in all the many possibilities to come”.

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