Nimrod began his creative life at a very young age sculpting inhis father’s workshop. Over the years he has developed an eclectic and unique style greatly sought after both internationally and here in his home on the coast of Spain. After travelling for many years all over the world Nimrod finally settled in Marbella, Spain in 1999, setting up his own business creating bespoke architectural furniture. His pieces are crafted artistically solely from wrought iron and are evident in numerous of the most exclusive properties in and around Marbella. Following the success of Messeg Design, Nimrod has turned his focus to his true talent and love of artistic sculpture. Nimrod developed his personal and direct artisan method of sculpting iron. He uses ancient forging techniques, welding, power hammering, the plasma torch, etc. which enable him to create textures, shapes and effects that give his sculptures a unique style and appearance. These methods permit him to take this brutal metal and transform it into something beautiful, gentle, light, curvaceous… even soft.

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