Pascale Fay was born in La Rochelle, France and moved to Portugal after falling in love with the country and its people. Her experience as a graphic designer allowed her to create rich and thick areas of paint, initially covering the canvas in black to make for a darker tableau whereupon she layers blocks of colour, making a simple and refined world for her fantasy character ‘George’ to explore. There is real physical presence to this dream-like realm.

‘George’ is her avatar and is a quirky, mysterious character, like a 1950’s detective he explores the world around him always curious and discovering the new. At times ‘George’ climbs up to heaven to reach for the stars at others he stares at posters perhaps looking for clues.

The artist creates a world full of humour and intrigue. Who is ‘George’ and what will he get up to next? Pascale denies us any direct answers but delights us with a character on a voyage of self-discovery.

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