I was born in 1960 in north London. I began drawing and painting from a precocious age and had decided upon a career as an artist when only twelve. I began my formal art education at Harrow School of Art before gaining a BA at Saint Martins in 1981. For the next fifteen years I enjoyed success as a representative painter and then as an illustrator. In 1991 I married retired Sadler’s Wells ballerina Dido Nicholson (now Professor of Occupational Therapy at Jönköping University in Sweden and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts). In 1992 we purchased a ‘finca’ in southern Spain where we primarily farm grapes, and make traditional Malaga wine. After a two years living in Israel, we currently divide our time between Sweden, England and Spain. In addition to my continuing career as an artist I also enjoyed critical success as an author for my academic biography of King Saul of Israel. Apart from making wine, my hobbies and interests include gastronomy and an unhealthy passion for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.


My art is representational with a small ‘r’. I have always striven to interpret visual reality rather than merely reproduce it, in a way that makes sense to both me and my putative audience. My aim is to translate both everyday beauty and mundanity into a visually sensual experience. I have a passion for shape and especially for colour, which I use to accentuate form and texture and most important of all, mood. My ultimate goal is to entertain and give pleasure to the viewer. Over the past four decades or more, my art has evolved and with it my media of choice. For me today, the computer, computer ink, and the wonderful papers at my disposal, offer me a near-perfect medium for producing finished images exactly corresponding to the vision in my mind’s eye. They offer a pure expression of my art, unattainable with conventional methods. My artist heroes are naturally the two masters of mood, Vermeer and Hopper.

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