Dutch artist Alisa Lim A Po launches her new series SUPERNATURAL for the first time this summer at ArtCatto gallery in Loulé.

With this series, Lim A Po explores the changing nature of her work to date. Whereas the successful series of Social War and Chronicles gave an analytical view of complex human social behaviors, this new series exposes one of the most sought after states of life: happiness. With this series, Lim A Po engages in the current era of her life, overwhelmed by the hectic of the day, the pressure of society, the ambition of time, or life in all its facets.

The inspiration for Alisa in this series developed during various trips in the past year. It may have been a matter of course, and the enjoyment of happiness evolved naturally as a homage to the beauty of life. Her artwork is personal. At the same time, it refers to the general splendour of nature, combining fragments of happiness, intimate spheres and dreamy scenes. Lim A Po also establishes an emotional relationship between man and nature. A relationship in which we may experience happiness in its purest state.

For this series, Lim A Po works mainly on a large canvas. The colourful palette, the many thin transparent layers and the coarse details give the works a deep and elegant character. The works are free and undefined, simultaneously abstracted into unrealistic form. With graceful lines, well-considered proportions and the harmonious distribution of colour, Lim A Po knows how to create beautiful and essential images.

Lim A Po’s work is held in public and private collections throughout Europe.

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