Andrew Kinsman is a self-taught artist and musician, who sold his first piece of artwork at age 12 and had his first solo exhibition at the age of 21.
He has painted commissions for celebrities and royalty, and recorded soundtracks and albums with the likes of Noel Gallagher and English rock band, Kasabian.
Andrew continues to practice both art forms passionately, dedicating his time equally to advancing his musical career and acquiring reputable art commissions.
He is a craftsman artist, meaning that it is the labour intensive making and fabrication that is the vital component. Here we have a painter who is as confident with a brush as he is with a saxophone.
Both are instruments and tools in the hands of an artist who strives for perfection and harmony, as he says, ‘my goal is to make living art’.
For his first exhibition here at ArtCatto, Andrew brings some artworks of his series Bubbles, portraits of the sitter blowing bubbles, a fleeting moment captured.

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