Light that caresses the petals of a flower, light that renders a simple white cloth into a luminescent creature draped across a chair, light breaking through a window and grazing on succulently ripe cherries overflowing in a bowl, light as a languid blanket over a slumbering figure. This is Colin Fraser’s world – he has always been enchanted by light.

Colin works primarily in egg tempera. A medium used by the likes of Michelangelo that originates from the Middle Ages, egg tempera is a time-honoured method whereby powdered pigment is mixed with egg yolk and water. Using egg tempera is extraordinarily time-consuming. Every square inch of the surface must be constructed little by little, layer by layer. The paint dries instantaneously and unlike oils, cannot be manipulated.

Born in Scotland in 1956, Colin headed for Brighton to study fine art before the translucent light of the Scandinavian sun lured him to Sweden. Living with his wife and children in Lund in southern Sweden for the last two decades, Colin’s work has developed an extraordinary quality due to the changing moods of the sun.

Colin has exhibited throughout Europe and his work is part of collections worldwide. ArtCatto are delighted to be able to have some sultry Swedish light filling the gallery.

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