Born in Cahors, France in 1980.

Pre-diploma course at Norwich School of Art in England at the age of seventeen followed by five years at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologne, Italy and an Erasmus year at the Art Academy in Athens, Greece enabled her to obtain her Laureat in Sculpture.
Enriched by this experience, she left for the U.S.A with a student grant and received her Masters diploma in 2008 from the New York Studio School. Following several exhibitions in the USA and France she decided to return to the Lot, in France where she lives and works today.

“The principal subject of my work is the human figure. I try to bring life into my sculptures and this aim gives me my motivation for sculpting. It is the search for harmony between proportions, movement, suspension and volumes in space that inspires and fascinates me. I like to work thematically to explore the potential of my subject. Dancers or acrobats, children playing or scenes from everyday life may inspire my creative process. I am a modeller because I use materials that enable me to add or take away volumes until the sculpture is complete. Clay and plaster, resin, metal, wire, bronze; the magic of these materials, their qualities and textures, are a constant source of interest for me. I hope my sculptures bring out the joy and intensity that I feel making them.”

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