Hu Xiaogang was born in 1958 in Kunming and studied at Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts.

Artcatto have selected his ‘HERE WE ARE’ series to represent the artist’s work. These feature Chinese tourists who have taken to the streets in various parts of the world, somewhat comical as they are sporting red baseball caps, a nod to where East meets West. In ‘Here We Are’ – Tiananmen Square (Oil on Canvas 164 x 130cm), we have two silent figures seemingly content that they have arrived and are pondering what to do next. Hu Xiaogang’s series gently mock the human urge to travel and then to arrive at a significant place like the Square only to photograph it and move on without a thought. ‘Here We Are’ can equally be interpreted as ‘We were here’, as the tourists will shortly get back on the bus.

Hu Xiaogang featured in the 1984 – 6th ‘National Arts Exhibition’, Shenyang, China and in 1989 was in the ‘Yunnan Miniature Oil Painting Exhibition, Kunming, China.

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