Karl Heinz Stock is, what they call a modern day Renaissance man, a highly successful entrepreneur, a wine connoisseur and an artist.

For Karl, the process is everything, his analytical mind means that he must master the complexity of whatever medium he chooses to undertake. His female figures and his bears are smoothly hewn in fiberglass and resin. They are bold and vibrant pieces of sensual delight.
His major public installations include ‘Dance of the Bears’ which began in 2009 and involved Karl with a team of sculptors and artists to make interpretations upon the theme ‘Evolution’ and currently ´Passion´ where its namesake theme is seen under different aspects using juvenile elephants as canvas.

For German born Karl, his own artist practice is something he treasures, after graduating he went into banking, yet used to rush back from the office each day to change out of his suit and into his overalls, then onto the studio to sculpt.

Nowadays Karl creates finely produced and highly polished work. They are beautifully crafted pieces, which are joyous, filled with their own internal life force.

When Karl met Gillian Catto, the creative synergy was there from the start and the exciting collaborative process has just begun.

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