“I have always been a plumber since I was a young man, in fact, it was my Grandfather who taught me the skilled plumbing trade. It was back in the early 90’s that my career did a massive detour due to a car accident in San Francisco, California that sadly put me into the hospital with serious injuries and into a coma for a short period.

Upon waking up and whilst in a long recovery I was in my Plumbing Shop in San Francisco and decided to weld a set of Sharks Teeth for my lawyer who was acting on behalf in the case against the accident. Due to the longevity of the case, the shark teeth that was representing the Lawyer took so long I ended up creating the entire shark. A 12ft long Thresher Shark.

From that point, my juices started to flow and I just couldn’t stop. After the Thresher Shark came the Great White, The Hammer Head, The Flamingo, The Moray Eel. The Octopus, The Ant, The Manta Ray, The Blow Fish, The Cat, The Golden Gate Bridge, The Cactus, The Gargoyle, The Angel Fish, The Globe and the 18ft Giraffe.

All my sculptures are made from copper pipe mainly recycled from my plumbing scraps from my Plumbing company. They are all life-size anatomically correct.

I was born and raised in San Francisco California, and after graduating from High School began my career as a Plumbing Contractor and a building Contractor. I never have had any art training and all of my creations are completely self-taught.”

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