Renaud Matgen, was born August 31 in 1970, a true native South Luxembourg self-taught artist.

He began working in 2003, sculpting the land. He would then work the sculpture of faces on the subject of oppressed peoples such as Indians, and certain tribes in Africa.

Under the influence of his godmother, sculptress for 25 years, he will then come to adapt his sculptures to Raku technique. An ancestral technique of delicate glazing, from Asia and mainly used by potters…He sculptured animals but his favorite subject is the body and its proportions.

At first glance, these small bodies in Raku, suspended or placed on steel pedestals, have serious air, but in focusing a few seconds they are touching and soothing.

Little by little, Matgen moves away from the Earth, to work different materials.In 2006, there was some slate hanging out in his Studio, and he decided to see what he could do. The inspiration was so strong and the opportunity to decline this material if great, but he is devoted not to totally forget the Raku technique.

With testing and hard work, he developed a technique unique to work this material. Who would have thought that slate, this dark stone, brute and known as brittle, seen primarily on the Belgian, Luxembourg roofing or the North of France, still could be transformed into a noble, gentle, even sensual material.

By layering them, Renaud Matgen, turns them into busts of women, buttocks, or faces. Raised on stems, his sculptures seem to be floating in the air. Some faces are embedded in a block of slate.
This work emerges a sense of fullness, narrowly, strength, purity and sensitivity.

Presented on various shows including Lineart in December 2009 (Ghent-Belgium), he became noted for the originality and the accuracy of his work by the Gallery Demedicis (Paris-Place des Vosges), who saw in him an artist amount.

The latter puts in contact with a Parisian Gallery which opens in 2010 a gallery in New York and another in Beirut, these pieces are expected with impatience in these 2 galleries. An exhibition in Monaco is also scheduled for the summer of 2010.

Despite the speed of his rise, Renaud Matgen keeps his head on his shoulders. He has confidence in life and on all it’s means to maintain his dream.

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