Born and raised in West Yorkshire, England in 1962 – Richard Gower is a fine artist known for his contemporary oil paintings rendered in his characteristic impressionist-inspired style.

At age seventeen he went to the Batley Art College. Richard’s determination to paint and learn everything he needed to learn motivated him to study the great impressionists. He travelled the length and breadth of Europe on a motorbike visiting galleries and exhibitions in every city and town he came across and was able to greatly develop his skill as his passion for painting grew. Inspired by Modern Masters such as Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Sickert, Francis Bacon and many others Richard’s fascination with the great painters pushed his own creativity and observations to develop and fine-tune his personal style over the years.

Throughout his career Richard has painted in a variety of styles and has developed and perfected his recognisable painting technique finding great success with his Reflections Collections of paintings, a series, in which observation and chance is key to his practice. This “voyeristic approach” allows him to capture the fleeting moments of strangers’ daily activities.

The semi-abstracted, figurative compositions have both a real sense of serenity and intrigue. They quietly invite the viewer to create narratives about the anonymous characters unknowingly immortalised in oil paint.

”My ‘Reflections’ capture a moment…a snapshot of people… who ever they are and whatever they do… a sort of ‘people watching’… My works could be a sunny day and shadows or the aftermath of a storm with reflections in path.” – Gower

Along with his Reflections paintings there is also Richard’s unique concept of Portraiture and landscape in his personal painting style, which he refers to as: “in my own brush…”

Richard Gower has enjoyed the success of sell-out shows both group and solo exhibitions in Central London art galleries; with his works in many private collections in the UK, Europe and the US.

Richard has also worked on a number of private commissions such as a London cityscape for the Lord Mayor of Westminster; a bespoke commission for the Duchess of York; Purdey Guns; Premier League Football clubs.

Collectors include; Sir Patrick Stewart; a prominent member of Parliament and Her Majesty The Queen, owns a Gower, which is in The Private Royal Collection.

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