Born in Tours in 1952. Drawing and modelling were his favourite hobbies since the age of four. He followed Davidson’s drawing course at the Art School of Tours, a town of the Loire Valley, at thirteen, and later studied sculpture in Paule Couteau’s studio (Grand Prix de Rome).
He started professional life by creating decorative sculptures on furniture’s. Worked later as a designer for ceramists and bronzemakers.
For 18 years, he created hundreds of medals for several manufactures (La Monnaie de Paris) (French coins and medals state manufacturers) In 1985, he set up his studio in an island of Noirmoutier (on Atlantic coast close to the city of Nantes). In the same time, he teaches sculpture and drawing during a decade. In parallel with his work as a medallist.
He meets Coquillay, Cacheux, Angel-Peres and other artists. They encourage him to turn to statuary sculptures. Personal and prestigious exhibitions are dedicated to him in different municipalities and galleries with whom he collaborates. He took part in many groups exhibitions (French Art Salon, Autumn Angers Art Salon, etc.) Since 1998, he permanently exhibits his work in about ten galleries. His bronzes are also bought by other artists such as Jansem, Jouenne etc. He is present in many private and public collections in France and abroad. Member of the House of Artists and the Taylord Foundation.

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