Shen Ming Cun was born in 1956 and graduated from the Art University of Guang Xi in China – where he is now Professor of European Art. His work has been in important national exhibitions in Beijing and at the Chinese Masterpiece show in Hong Kong, numerous museum shows in China and several major galleries in the UK. Shen Ming is currently working on a major commission for the Chinese government.

Shen Ming draws his inspiration from the ancient traditions, crafts and culture of the tribes of the Miao, Yao and Dong of the remote GuangXi region. The huge changes China is currently undergoing is putting enormous strain on the ancient way of life in these villages and as the young people migrate to cities it makes one wonder how long these cultures can survive.

Each tribe has a quite unique tradition in dress and adornment from the other. The young girls sew everything entirely by hand and their jewelry is crafted in the village.

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