Born, 1976 in Shillong, Shovin Bhattacharjee gained his Batchelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts while at Assam University. He went on to spend six months at the national research laboratory for conservation of cultural property in Lucknow, India to gain practical training, and also secured an Advanced Diploma in Graphics and Multimedia from C-DAC Mohali.

In his work Shovin has razed the strict order of concrete blocks of high rises, to an absorbing mystery – perhaps even sci-fi. His vast structures appear tumbling, as though in a quake, and yet they hold on. He would not let them topple. Many suburban built up spaces can be infinitely dull for those who spend their lives over there. With nature gone, animals and birds are forlorn. Thus what the artist does to this modern day ambience – a completely man-made one – is refreshing.

The solidity of a reality is now shown as being merrily played with, by factors beyond computation. In this way he produces suspense, the feel of absurdity, and even a bit of surreal terror. Bhattacharjee’s phenomenal installation created from stainless steel, fibreglass and direct painting onto a wall, entitled ‘Inner Quest’, has been chosen by the prestigious Prafulla Dhanukar Art Foundation for the ‘All India Gold Award for Installation Art’ An enormous and moving piece of work entitled ‘The Sun’ is being installed especially for the ‘Spirit of India’ exhibition and will be on display in the foyer of the Conrad Algarve Hotel.

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