Yin Qing Feng is a young artist born in 1985 in Dandong, which is in the Liaoning province. He graduated from the prestigious China Central Academy of Fine Arts Studio in 2008.
Yin Qing Feng has an enquiring eye, he looks at order and repetition, he sees man-made destruction and decay as well as natural beauty and asymmetrical patterns. Take for example his stack of trashed cars, which appears in a sepia tone, like an aging photograph, is beautifully rendered in a soft focus. Likewise a stack of used wedding chairs, chaotically
assembled yet having an intriguing and clever composition.
Both the cars and chairs have had their use, their moment in time and now appear as something else.
This play on the past combined with a blurry photorealism brings to mind the work of the great German painter – Gerhard Richter.

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