In the twentieth century, avant-garde artists and art historians have thought it fashionable to talk about it being the era of the ‘end of painting’ They contended that painting had lost its artistic and social function. However, that’s not the case, the farewells to painting were just an identity crises.

For a long time it looked like painting could not be taken seriously without a forced, conceptional background and it was without any artistic relevance. Nevertheless this too has changed. Just as formalistic thinking has been differentiated and played off against representational and abstract painting for a long time, this perspective can no longer be maintained since artists have started transcending these artistic boundaries.

Meanwhile, there is now pluralism, which is characterised by the combination of formerly strict approaches with new results.

VOKA opened his workplace precisely at this juncture between different artistic approaches, which were long held to be irreconcilable opposites. His spiritual ancestors include the old masters, with their well-founded craftsmanship training and passionate search for beauty, as well as all the developments in art history for more than 100 years. He developed new connections from this treasure trove of art, inspired by the different theoretical fundamentals of art. VOKA pays tribute to the artists who have influenced and inspired him in his artistic development.

He coined the term “Spontanrealismus” (Spontaneous Realism) for his art, which he interprets as rediscovered sincerity in contemporary art. Viewers of his paintings see a npainting style, which is dominated by extreme dynamism, but at the same time by a demonstrative proximity to tradition. His works are simultaneously spontaneous and intentional, and equally erupted from the inside and controlled.

VOKA is an artist who holds on to the eternal values of art and implements them according to his view of the world. His paintings spring from his emotions.

However he never forgets the real subjects. The works are created with momentum and enthusiasm and you feel that they are preceded by something, namely that the spontaneity with which he paints is tamed by the knowledge and ability deep within him.

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