Sophie’s creative process starts with small studies made using warm modelling wax on a wire armature. “This allows for flexibility so that I can keep changing my mind and fiddling with the composition.” Aided by a meticulous study of anatomy, Sophie constructs armatures by welding metal rods together like skeletal drawings on which she begins to attach and layer specifically worked pieces of wood, cut on a band saw that she inherited from her mother’s furniture business. This creates a three dimensional drawing and the gaps are filled to create a solid whole. The results are extraordinarily dynamic pieces that appear to be frozen in time.


Alisa Julia Lim A Po (born 1975) was born to be an artist and studied at the prestigious Academy of Visual Arts in Holland. She makes semi-figurative pieces, which verge into abstraction. These heads are elemental outlines, non-expressive silhouettes, raw and textural. They are dark and brooding, reflecting upon solitude and the essential loneliness of the human condition.Lim A Po creates art that deals with the multifaceted nature of society and our place within it. Her distinctive technique working on copper makes for layered work, at times thick and rich in texture and at others almost transparent. The use of acrylic on a smooth hydrophobic surface creates an underlying tension between the paint and the surface.