Andrew Kinsman ArtCatto Gallery in Loulé Algarve Andrew Kinsman "... it is the labour intensive making and fabrication that is the vital component..." Artists Gustavo Fernandes ArtCatto Gallery in Loulé Algarve Gustavo Fernandes "...I live for it and only rest when I reach perfection..." Artists Mario Henrique ArtCatto Gallery in Loulé Algarve Mario Henrique "...the physicality of the painting process is transparent in the final piece..." Artists Pedro Guimarães "... his interest in the ‘science of seeing’, led him to create incredible 3D pieces..." Artists ArtCatto Gallery in Loulé Algarve Tommaso Ottieri Tommaso Ottieri "...focuses on the colour, light and movement found in the intense life of a city..." Artists



Artcatto - Galeria de Arte - Loule - Algarve

Nova Coleção de Verão

Galeria ArtCatto em Loulé

Andrew Kinsman · Mario Henrique ·

Pedro Guimarães

Conrad Algarve em Quinta do Lago

Jürgen Lingl · Nimrod Messeg ·

Tommaso Ottieri

The Lake Spa Resort em Vilamoura

Craig Alan · Dom Pattinson ·

Gustavo Fernandes

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