Thomas Bossard was born in Poitiers, France and studied Graphic Arts from 1987 to 1993 at the Institut Saint Luc à Tournai in Belgium. He worked for several years at the Théâtre du Capitole of Toulouse as a painter-decorator where he was able to express his artistic ability in all its richness by way of illustration, painting, scenography, frescoes, photography and decoration.

Bossard also created story-boards for many short movies and promotional films and used his artistic skills to decorate porcelain for Movitex and for the porcelain foundry Deshoulières.

Since 2005, Thomas Bossard has dedicated himself to his painting and participates frequently in various cultural events. Humour plays an important part in his work and he takes inspiration from artists such as James Ensor or Honoré Daumier.

In 2011 Frederick Charles Baitinger wrote in his blog; ‘A good disciple of James Ensor and Honoré Daumier, Thomas Bossard has a taste for the drama, staging and direction of a portrait. Between the serious pathos and lightness of irony, it seems that Thomas Bossard has chosen not to choose, or rather, to make good of his humor, like Sagan would say with accuracy, “the politeness of despair. “

Surpassing the framework of satire akin to a fable or children’s nursery rhyme, his work takes us into a tragi-comic universe in which laughter only makes sense if it can at any time raise in us a feeling of empathy, or perhaps even more, a compassion or kindness towards the weaknesses of being human.

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