Cristina Bergoglio was born in Córdoba, Argentina in 1967, her artistic and literary vision was developed from very early age culminating in a degree in architecture from the National University of Córdoba.It comes as no surprise therefore that Cristina’s artwork is inspired by the city, her work is mysterious and sensual drawing you into a world where beauty can be found in every element that surrounds us, a universal quality that she captures in each of her paintings.

Using a diverse range of media Cristina finds a unique perspective of the urban landscape, she explains: “The urban phenomenon fascinates me for being a living organism, mutable, indecipherable. It is the place of attachments and addictions, where the essence of the human ego sleeps under many disguises of passion. I like to capture the chaos and cosmos of each element”.

The work doesn’t focus on the details of the building, the car or the people, but rather the living, breathing atmosphere of the city “They are ever-changing scenarios” explains the artist “The city is always a thing of vitality, of movement and sensuality. What I care about is the movement, the urban dance, and to achieve that I use a brush stroke that’s intense, fast and spontaneous. Like capturing the moment in a single brush stroke”.

Cristina studied at the Taller del Prado academy in Madrid, later becoming a teacher at the prestigious institution until 2007. With the soul of a poet, something that translates in both her art and her written work she is also a published author of poetic prose.

Having exhibited in Spain, Belgium and France, her South American roots and her childhood in Argentina have also helped to shape her artistic persona.

Her work can be found in museums and collections around the world.

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