David Schneuer was born in Galacia formerly part of the Austrian Empire, his family settled in Munich where he studied and then like so many other artists he was drawn to Paris. Returning to Munich in 1927 he worked for the Munchner Kammerspiele theater producing many posters and set designs, his artistic work was becoming respected but his career was ended abruptly with the rise of Nazism.

Arrested in 1933 he was deported to Dachau, as a cultural revolutionary, he was one of the lucky ones who managed to escape and fled to Tel Aviv to find his cultural home in the former Palestine. Whilst there Schneuer turned his creativity to advertising, producing iconic images that formed part of the visual language of the new and dynamic city.

David Schneuer was very much an artist of his time and reflected the culture and mood of the era in his work, he bridges the gap between Post-Impressionism, German Expressionism and the new Modernistic world.

Works can be found in private collections and in museums and other public places throughout Europe, America, Canada and Israel.

All works presented in this catalogue are limited edition serigraphs.

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