Georg was born in Germany in 1961 and studied as a stonemason in the marble centre of Europe in Carrara, Italy, where he honed his skills. His pieces explore space in the most sublime way, he creates incredible free flowing forms, abstracted lines, which interlock and curve graciously around a central point. What is remarkable is the sense of lightness, the fluidity of movement, which defies the hard medium of marble.

Georg Scheele has seen the great Modernist sculptures, such as Hepworth, Moore and Arp. These artists played with absence, where what is removed is just as important as what remains.

Scheele’s work has a sensual delicacy, which spirals into itself, generating fascinating interconnections. These sculptures are poetic, they are tightly controlled yet are conversely loose and free. They confound our expectations of what marble carving should be in beautiful and brilliant ways.

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