José Eduardo’s stone and marble sculptures are calm, set within a quiet yet powerful narrative.
His work is sublime in its’ simplicity with a serene and meditative quality. In part, it is the emphasis that José places on the process and material that makes his pieces so successful, a master craftsman who will spend hour upon hour chipping and carving, ultimately fine tuning the form into an exquisite piece of art. There is no room for error here as the stone is hewn, methodically and then with a razor like precision.
José’s expertise in handling this unforgiving medium means that he can produce smaller pieces, intimate portraits, which serve as a model of what can be achieved on a large scale.
If we take for example, the ‘winged figure’ there is a harmonious composition, the rectangular block base allows for a solid contrast to the sinuous figure, with the angular wings making an upward dynamic thrust.
In his most recent series of larger work, we find a figure caught within a different dynamic, two vertical yet flexible columns provide the male form a counter balance, a position whereby there is harmony of tension between the pressure provided by his physical action and the resisting force of the forgiving uprights.José Eduardo’s work is considered and contemplative. They are beautiful and poetic pieces, resonating with an unassuming power. The energy and internal movement is complimented by the supreme craftsmanship on display. The artwork is refined and carefully controlled, possessing a minimalistic quality that only the most accomplished artist can obtain.

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