An engaging contemporary artist will always be inspired and draw influence from the greatest artists in history and Pam Hawkes is no exception. Her superbly crafted work is richly woven, resonating with echoes from a classical era of courtly painting.

The Renaissance of course produced ‘superstar’ artists, such as Leonardo or Michelangelo who tackled epic religious narratives for the greatest patron of the time – The Vatican. We have gilt framed altarpieces depicting the Annunciation and the Virgin and child. There are vast frescoes of the Passion of the Christ and the Last Judgment.

But it is the private commission by the leading families of the day that are the most intimate and revealing. This is Pam Hawkes’ source material. If one looks at Sandro Botticelli portrait, ‘La Bella Simonetta’ or even the rather harsh diptych of ‘Federico da Montefeltro with his Wife Battista Sforza’ by Piero della Francesca, we see a direct correlation.

Pam Hawkes’ portraits refer to this fine and delicate mode of painting, the context is contemporary and the inclusion of text and modern garments simultaneously alludes to the past whilst being strikingly present.

There is no doubt that Pam is an accomplished artist and a recent sell out exhibition in London is testament to that fact. Her pieces are poetic and personal, an insight into the psychology of the sitter. For this exhibition at ArtCatto, Pam presents a small series of these beautiful heads in anticipation for a major show at the gallery next year.

Ben Austin.

Pam Hawkes exhibits throughout the United Kingdom and the USA where her work can be found in many collections. Pam has a long and successful history working with Gillian Catto and is thrilled to be exhibiting her new work in Portugal with ArtCatto.

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