We opened the doors to our new gallery at the end of 2011.

The gallery is located in the most beautiful building in the old market town of Loulé and we are thrilled with the success we have enjoyed since we started, not only with the sales of all our international artists but also with our exciting projects that we are undertaking with five star hotels both here and abroad.

This Easter exhibition brings together five artists who are all well known but have never exhibited in Portugal. We also welcome back one artist who exploded onto the Portuguese art scene last year with us.

Firstly, Timur D’Vatz, who manages to fuse ancient legends and symbols with modernist forms and using different palettes both vibrant and cool. His paintings are what dreams are made of.

It is a huge honour to present Leon Belsky. His works are a unique force, his mastery of the brush is quite breathtaking. His flowers transcend belief while his fruits and objects take on a modern quality of their own.

We are so delighted to welcome David Begbie to this exhibition I have been a long time admirer and friend of this hugely talented sculptor. His hand worked wire mesh sculptures which on their own are stunningly forceful but then the added beauty of them when lit, as they throw shadows on the walls, make them spectacular.

Aldo Balding is a very special artist who I have worked with for many years. His painterly pictures are a subtle and intimate view of his subjects. They are always clothed in a playful light which brings them to life.

Last but not least is the wonderfully talented and beautiful Cristina Bergoglio. Cristina enjoyed a sell out exhibition last year – what a year it was for her. The event of her Great Uncle becoming Pope has so motivated her that her paintings seem to be blessed. She has no regrets about giving up architecture to become a full time artist. Here we present some city scapes which all have Cristina’s amazing vibrancy running through them. She makes them her own.

We look forward to welcoming you at The Gallery.