ArtCatto is widely regarded as a tour de force in the art world, an internationally-respected hotbed of creative talent and boldly-inventive design; Gillian Catto, owner of the Loulé gallery, has been at the pinnacle of her profession for more than 30 years, and is known for her innate ability to discover, foster, nurture and promote new names, and to marry a perfectly-balanced partnership between artist and purchaser.

ArtCatto, led by Gillian and her high-voltage team – Antonio Lourenco and Frederic Ponte – is the first choice for an impressive client list that includes global collectors as well as key names in industry, politics and show business, where the focus is on investment potential as well as art appreciation; brilliantly-curated exhibitions staged at ArtCatto, and in the lush surroundings of the Conrad Hotel, are testament to the gallery’s well-deserved reputation.

The first to introduce urban art to the Algarve, ArtCatto was asked to ‘urbanise’ the Conrad; today the works of several of its street artists welcome visitors arriving by car. A recent exhibition of contemporary Indian art at the hotel brought government dignitaries to the Algarve, as well as troupes of dancers and musicians; previously, an exhibition showcasing new talents from China attracted a vast audience which included both individual and corporate investors and positioned emerging names on the art map. The latest ArtCatto event brings together Will Rochfort, André Lundquist, Mark Demsteader and Dom Pattinson, one of the most in-demand names on the circuit who, since showing last year at the Loulé gallery, is enjoying a cult following throughout Europe and the US.

The works ArtCatto is proud to promote, hang in the nest homes and the most prestigious offices, many specially commissioned to be ‘at one’ in their environment. In addition, the gallery serves as a central reference for top-name architects and interior designers and is sought to provide the art furnishings for luxury hotels across the world. Most recently added to the portfolio is a hugely significant project which will see, in collaboration with local government, the development of an art centre on a grand scale.