Staged by Loulé’s highly-respected ArtCatto Gallery, this new exhibition brings together the work of three amazing urban artists.

We are proud to bring to you for the first time the works of Ben Allen and Dain, and to present the new artworks of Dom Pattinson.

For this exhibition at Artcatto, Ben Allen has included a new body of work from the series ‘Nude Graffiti’. Here the focus is on the perfected female form, vividly painted in bright, abstracted manner. The figure is set against a solid black background, creating a sinuous form within a considered design.

DAIN has a distinctive visual language – collaged portraits of Hollywood glamour stars combined with a starling array of materials and techniques. To the source material of an old black and white photograph he applies old advertisements, taken from some long forgotten magazine, scraps of printed paper, logos and found images. At times the artist will add his signature spray motif of a ‘circle and drip’ around the eye.

For this exhibition, Dom has produced more of his sought after wildlife pieces. His work is fun and provocative, at times a bit naughty and always clever. Dom alternates between strict stenciling and loose over painting giving the work an immediacy and fluidity.

It was an amazing evening and we would like to say ‘Thank You’ to our artists, for making this night special with their presence and their artworks, and to our wonderful clients for making this night one to remember.

This exhibition will stay available until the 2nd of September in the Artcatto Gallery in Loulé, we look foward to welcoming you here.