“My personal discovery of Voka was one of those happy serendipitous moments. I was casually browsing the Internet for sport related artwork for my gallery, ArtCatto, in the Algarve, Portugal. Suddenly I came across Voka’s sensational work and was immediately struck by the intensity of colour, the vitality of the brush stokes and his remarkable artistic talent. The more I explored the more impressed I became with his skill and range.

I found a hugely talented artist whose ability to paint vast scopes of subject matter, sports- men, from many disciplines, captured in mid movement but also extraordinary portraits of notable people and strong and dynamic landscapes and cityscapes. After 35 years in the art business, few artists have made such a strong impact on all my senses.

Voka is truly unique, his passion and his style are outstanding. He coined the expression “Spontaneous Realism” which suits his work perfectly, as we get a sense of dynamic application and the speed of process, yet he manages to capture the essence of places and people. The vibrancy of his palette is quite startling and it would be fair to say that I absolutely adore his work.”

Gillian Catto